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How does PayBright work?

  • 1. Fast and Easy. Select "Finance Your Order" (PayBright) at Checkout
  • 2. Secure. You will be asked for some contact information then redirected to PayBright to provide details for low monthly financing options.
  • 3. Pay over time. Choose the Plan and Terms.
  • 4. No Surprises. PayBright shows your low monthly payments, exactly what you owe and if you want to pay off your balance early, there is No penalty!
  • 5. Order is Placed. After your order is placed, PayBright (similar to a credit card) will then forward AccuCare the total dollar amount. Your order then moves on to the AccuCare processing phase (see FAQ's). Once that time concludes, AccuCare will then ship the order to you and you pay PayBright over the agreed timeline.
  • 6. Do you have health benefits? Once you receive your Paid Invoice from AccuCare, you can submit this Invoice to your insurance company for reimbursement. Apon receiving your reimbursement, simply take those funds and clear your outstanding balance with PayBright.

  • It is that easy!

You MUST review our Terms and FAQ information links prior to placing your order

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